The 'must-have' tech for your next car lease


The 'must-have' tech for your next car lease

In addition to deciding which make and model you want for your car hire agreement, you should also consider the must-have technology for your next car lease.

Leasing a car can be confusing for those who have never done it before, but one of the big advantages of leasing a vehicle is that you get to drive brand-new cars.

And if you lease your vehicle, you can switch to a new car every two, three or four years.

That means that you will get to enjoy the latest technology and safety equipment - but which equipment should you go for?

Here, we take a look at the must-have technology for your next leased car.


Driver assistance systems

Having mentioned safety equipment, there's no doubt that driver assistance systems have come on leaps and bounds in leased cars in recent years.

All manufacturers now offer these systems and depending on the spec of the model you choose; you will get a few assistance items, or a vehicle packed with safety kit.

For example, you could check whether your car comes with emergency city braking which will take over the brakes should the car detect an obstacle in your path.

There's also blind spot detection which has increasingly become standard equipment for most cars, and it will monitor the area in the driver’s blind spot, so you don't pull out in front of another vehicle.

Also growing in popularity is parking assist which sees the car use technology to take over the parking manoeuvre into a parking space.

With this system, you don't have to touch the steering wheel, and it's an increasingly popular option.

There's also lane keeping assist, adaptive cruise control, rear cross traffic assist and electronic stability control.


LED fog lights and headlights

Another popular safety feature on modern cars is for LED headlights and fog lights.

These light types are becoming a standard feature with growing numbers of manufacturers.

Not only are LED headlights brighter than other types of headlamp, but they also offer lots of light to bring a better view of the road.

Another key feature is that LED headlights in a leased car also use less power, plus they are smaller than lights used to be and don't get as hot.

There's a lot to recommend a leased vehicle that comes with LED headlights.

Smartphone connectivity

Another feature that has undoubtedly grown in popularity when leasing a car in recent years is smartphone connectivity.

While many drivers may assume that their infotainment system will be compatible with Android Auto or Apple Play, that's not always the case.

Indeed, not every infotainment system will be compatible, and some manufacturers are just getting around to introducing smartphone compatibility to their infotainment offerings

Basically, having smartphone connectivity means that you will remain connected in what is an increasingly digital world that we live in.

If this is an important issue for you, then you need to check that the car you want to lease has smartphone compatibility so you can easily access phone numbers, and popular sounds when necessary.


Satnav for leased cars

Another popular choice for leased cars is satnav.

Having satellite navigation makes it a lot easier to get around and tends to be more reliable than using the maps on your smartphone, for example.

Satnav is a sound choice for those who may be racking up lots of miles so you should consider having a built-in system designed for this purpose.

Some of these satnav systems come with a SIM card installed so your system is always connected to the Internet - and uses the same system that may connect automatically to an accident or breakdown detector to contact the emergency services, if necessary.


Powertrain choice for lease cars

While this article is aimed at the technology and equipment you could get for a leased car, your choice of powertrain is also increasingly important.

What with the growing popularity of electric cars, most manufacturers are now offering hybrids.

These hybrids range from a ‘mild’ offering – which often helps the car start or top-up the battery - to a fully-fledged hybrid with impressive fuel consumption figures.

Some of these hybrids will offer an all-electric driving range so they will use the battery – this is very cheap motoring.

Hybrids are a sound choice for those who may have concerns about switching to an electric vehicle, particularly if the car they would like does not have a huge battery-powered range.

There are lots of benefits to switching to a hybrid or fully electric vehicle, but it's important that you lease a car that meets your everyday needs.

If you are considering a hybrid, then look carefully at the fuel economy and weigh this against buying a petrol-or diesel-powered version alternative.

The must-have technology for your next car lease

That's our roundup of the must-have technology for your next car lease, and if you have any questions about the purpose of technology in modern cars, or whether the car you like has the technology available - or has it as an option - then it's time to speak at the car leasing experts at Tilsun Leasing on 03330 040 888.

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